Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Star of India from a different perspective

04_07_11StarOfIndiaPlanet, originally uploaded by charliewallace.

That's my parents Bim and Helen sitting near the stern of the Star of India, on the waterfront in San Diego. To lower left is the Surprise, famous for appearing in the movie "Master and Commander" starring Russel Crowe.


cardiffBeachPlanetHyp, originally uploaded by charliewallace.

Cardiff Beach "Planet". Composed of about 30 photos, stitched together automatically by AutoStitch.net, distorted into a Planet by Flexify

For breakfast - French Toes

Yep, it's really French Toast, yumm!

Postscript: I thought everyone would notice that "toes" sounds like "toast", but apparently I was mistaken... It works best if you say "ze French Toas" in a fake french accent.Posted by Picasa

Storm clouds along I5 driving home to San Diego from Berkeley

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More storm clouds in the central valley
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Storm clouds in Cenral Valley of CA Posted by Picasa
Storm clouds over Pyramid Lake seen from I5 along the Grapevine Posted by Picasa

Panorama of storm clouds in the central valley Posted by Picasa

Pano Posted by Picasa

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Change in email subscription provider


Just a note to anyone who has subscribed to Coolweird by entering your email in the field at the bottom of this page -

I was using Bloglet for this service but the guy who runs it is closing down, so I've switched over to Feedblitz. During the transition you might recieve multiple notifications, but this shouldn't last long. You don't need to change anything.