Monday, April 18, 2005

My back yard on June 26, 2004. This was built from 30 wide angle photos (28mm wide angle) taken with my Kodak digital camera, using a homebuilt pan head. AutoStitch (see put it all together automatically with no manual alignment work at all! There's really only one dog - that's the neighbor's dog, Sundance. I now have a Quicktime VR version of this, built with PanoCube.

Friday, April 08, 2005

I made this panorama from shots taken during the Apollo 17 moon mission. Note the astronaut at the left and the moon rover at the right. An amazing wealth of photos - high resolution! - are available at Many more panoramas are there...
Panorama of Cardiff beach in the morning, taken last July. The autostitch program really did a great job on this one. This was my first attempt at a "dome photo" (32 sides, like a soccer ball) with the digital camera. Never assembed until now, thanks to autostitch - you just pass it a jumble of images, and it puts them all together! 30 of them in this case...
Panorama of Indian Bathtub Rock at Torrey Pines Beach, taken last June in 2004. Flawed but kind of interesting... Thanks to David for telling me about!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

This is an exotic kind of butterfly from south america - the upper surface of its wings are shimmery blue metallic color. Taken at the Wild Animal Park butterfly exhibit.
And today was the last day of the annual butterfly exhibit.
There was an orchid show at the Wild Animal Park.
Arguing pelicans at the San Diego Wild Animal Park today 4/2/05.
This was taken today (4/2/05) at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. I suppose a bee is wild...
Lake Hodges from the north. Somebody did a great job of balancing this rock.
Another view of Olivenhain resovoir, taken from the ridge just south of the lake. From this ridge, you can turn around to the south and see Lake Hodges (see next photo above)
View of the new Olivenhain resovoir, looking west toward the dam. The water is almost to the top.
And here's the "Before" version taken 1/8/05. The water was moving so fast - making a really loud roaring noise. Scary!
Last in the before/after series of Escondido Creek. This was taken last week 3/27, look above for the 1/8 version...
"Before" version of the photo below. This is zoomed in a bit more but you get the idea... It was taken on 1/8/05.
Another Escondido creek "After" photo - this is the main creek crossing at Elfin Forest reserve, taken last weekend 3/27/05. See above for how it looked back in January...
Escondido Creek "Before" photo - same location as the recent photo below. This was taken on 1/8/05, during the unusual heavy rains we had then - this was the day of the last heavy rainfall.
Escondido Creek "After" photo (see above for "Before"). This is one place you can cross the creek to enter Elfin Forest Reserve, taken last weekend on 3/27/05. Whereas, back in early Jan...
"Painted Lady" butterfly, taken last saturday (3/26/05). Recently there have been thousands of these migrating through the San Diego region. The heaviest day was last thursday, I must have seen thoudsands flutter past my office window. Frustratingly, they would hardly ever land long enough to take a picture. This was in my back yard.