Saturday, January 07, 2006

Baby lion cub at the San Diego Wild Animal Park

This movie was taken at the San Diego Wild Animal Park today, saturday jan 7 2006. The keepers said this was only the second time the cub had been taken out of the nursery, and at first he wasn't too keen on coming out of his carrier. But eventually he warmed up and ran around unsteadily, with his back legs not quite in sync with his front ones.
He's just like a big kitten, as cute as can be.

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Hike up Borrego Palm Canyon, Dec 2005 - Desert Bighorn Sheep!

As we were hiking up to the palm grove at the head of Borrego Palm Canyon, a herd of about 30 Desert Bighorn sheep walked right past us. Some seemed really unafraid of people - this one was tagged, maybe that's why it wasn't afraid. Others skirted our group warily and ran past.

And here's a video showing a baby bighorn.
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Videos by vMix Member: Charlie Wallace

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A Desert Bighorn Sheep poses for the camera. Here's a link to more info on the rare species: Posted by Picasa
Action shot of a mature male. Posted by Picasa
Impressive set of horns Posted by Picasa
Mother Bighorn with baby Posted by Picasa
Four bighorn sheep in one photo! There were 30 or more in the herd. Posted by Picasa
Looking back down the canyon Posted by Picasa
Palm trees that were knocked down during a large flash flood that happened in sept of 2004. Posted by Picasa
 Posted by Picasa
The old pool below the little waterfall near the grove was completely filled in during the big flash flood. Posted by Picasa
Main palm grove Posted by Picasa
By David Posted by Picasa
Katie's cool closeup of a palm frond Posted by Picasa
David's panorama of Palm Canyon Posted by Picasa
Lone Desert Bighorn sheep keeps watch for the herd Posted by Picasa
View up Borrego Palm Canyon Posted by Picasa
 Posted by Picasa
Weird lenticular clouds Posted by Picasa
Sunset with sun ray from above Ramona Posted by Picasa

Biggest waves in 20 years! Trip to La Jolla

Pelican with Torrey Pines in background Posted by Picasa
These surfers give the big waves some scale. Some kind of injury happened while we were there, not surprising. Posted by Picasa
Light coming thru huge wave, from Scripps park in La Jolla. Posted by Picasa
Wave with spindrift. Probably over 15 feet high. Some were up to 20 feet. Posted by Picasa
Wave in front of the Cave, probably over 15 feet high Posted by Picasa