Sunday, August 28, 2005

Chinatown scene, San Francisco, 20 Aug 05
Sara Watkins perfoming "Anthony" from new album "Why must the Fire Die". with Chris Thile making a funny face. Great song!
Bluegrass band Nickel Creek performing at the Borders Books in San Diego, 13Aug05.
Sunset from Seagrove Park, in Del Mar, California. 10 Aug 05.
Trimming the edges off the freshly made fudge, 31July05
Nighttime scene of San Francisco and the Bay Bridge, similar to the last photo. This combined there exposures to capture the dark details and the lights. 21 May 05
Early morning view of San Francisco and the Bay Bridge, taken from high on a hill above Berkeley, 21 May 05
Super dynamic range view of the livingroom of the Hilltop B&B in Berkeley, showing both the dark interior details and the bright outside scene (San Francisco bay).
Super pamorama view from the Hilltop B&B high above Berkeley, CA, with San Francisco and the Golden Gate bridge. This covers about 180 degrees. 22 May 05.
View from the Hilltop B&B above berkeley, 21 May 05
Clouds reflected in wet beach to give an abstract effect. Torrey Pines State Beach, 15 May 05.
Near sunset at Torrey Pines State Beach. Ahhh...
The Classic Torrey Pines State Reserve photo, looking south with La Jolla in the background. Taken 15 May 05.
Wildflowers at Torrey Pines State Reserve, 15 May 05.
Super dynamic range photo of a scene at Torrey Pines State Reserve, north of San Diego. This preserves details from both the deep shadows and the brilliant sun reflection off the ocean. Used new Photoshop CS2 feature to combine 3 photos.
Mini on Bim and Helen's boat, 30 April 05