Sunday, April 30, 2006

Paragliders cruising along Torrey Pines cliffs

How relaxing. You just sit there floating along the cliffs, casually glancing down the cliff to the beach 400 feet below...

Must be nice!!! This photo and the following ones were taken on 14 April 2006 from Torrey Pines State Reserve.  Posted by Picasa
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Paraglider heading north with Del Mar in the background.  Posted by Picasa
Paraglider with La Jolla in the background.  Posted by Picasa
Torrey Pines is world-famous for its ideal hang-gliding and para-gliding conditions. This is a view to the south from Torrey Pines State Reserve along the cliffs.  Posted by Picasa
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Torrey Pines State Reserve, looking north.  Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Continuing Seattle/Vancouver Trip Photos, March 2006

My Dilemma:

Blogs usually have the latest entry at the top, but for a trip it's easier to progress forward in time as you scroll down. But this Seattle/Vancouver tripp had too many pictures for that, so I ended up posting 2 sets.

The earlier set of pictures ended in downtown Seattle at the Symphony Hall, showing a glass sculpture. This picture of the Space Needle takes up where that left off, starting a series that covers the rest of the trip.

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View from the top of the Space Needle

I stitched together 9 photos to get this 360 degree panorama of all you can see from the top of the Space Needle.  Posted by Picasa
Panorama of the Olympic Mountains as seen looking west from the top of the Space Needle.   Posted by Picasa

Rock N Roll Museum, Seattle

Museum with the Space Needle.  Posted by Picasa
Outside of the Rock N Roll Museum in Seattle.  Posted by Picasa
Detail of the exterior shows the flowing sculptural look of the Rock N Roll Museum in Seattle.  Posted by Picasa
View of Mt Ranier as seen from Seattle. Taken on a clear day (!!) from the tower in Volunteer Park, in the Capitol Hill district.  Posted by Picasa
Camel sculpture in front of the Asian Art museum in Volunteer Park, Seattle. Photo by Katie Wallace.  Posted by Picasa
View of the Space Needle from the Capitol Hill district of Seattle. It makes a useful landmark, you can see it from all over.  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Snoqualamie Falls

We drove about half an hour to the east from Seattle to see Snoqualamie falls. It became famous in the 90s because of the weird TV series called "Twin Peaks" that was filmed here.
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A nice espresso at a coffee house in Fremont.  Posted by Picasa
The other ferry boat.  Posted by Picasa

Whidby Island / Deception Pass

We took a ferry over to Whidby Island on the way from Seattle to Vancouver, and drove the length of the island. Very scenic, and the Deception Pass area especially. There's a narrow gap at the north end of Whidby Island, where the direction of current flow reverses when the tide changes. There's a huge bridge (see below) and a trail where I took this photo.  Posted by Picasa
View north under Deception Pass bridge.  Posted by Picasa
Panorama from Deception Pass Bridge, looking west.  Posted by Picasa
Panorama from Deception Pass Bridge, looking east.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Here's our room on the 19th floor of the Century Plaza Hotel in downtown Vancouver. The view is pretty amazing!

For more info on the hotel: Century Plaza Hotel
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Reflected building in downtown Vancouver.  Posted by Picasa