Sunday, December 11, 2005

Rare view of San Clemente Island

Taken from the viewpoint near the Self Realization Fellowship in Encinitas, CA Posted by Picasa

Local color - the Self-Realization-Fellowship dome in Encinitas

With holiday lights Posted by Picasa

More interesting clouds from Swaami's cliffs

 Posted by Picasa

Mix of light and dark clouds in different layers

Maybe interesting to David Posted by Picasa

Lots of surfers out there

Looking south from the cliffs above Swaami's beach near sunset on 12/11/05. Surfing is a really popular sport in Encinitas. Posted by Picasa

That burnished-gold look

Sunset from the cliffs above Swaami's beach - the high vantage point is great for this kind of shot. Posted by Picasa

Birds with waves

 Posted by Picasa

Swaami's wave 5

You can see an almost fully imprisoned tube of air inside this wave... Posted by Picasa

Swaami's wave 4

 Posted by Picasa

Swaami's wave 3

 Posted by Picasa

A pretty nice day at the beach

That hazy beach look. Posted by Picasa

Swaami's wave 2

I was trying to get that green color when the sun comes through the wave, so I shot right into the sun and overexposed a lot... Posted by Picasa

Swaami's Wave 1

 Posted by Picasa

Surfer at Swaami's in Encinitas

Taken today 12/11/05 at Swaami's beach in Encinitas. Posted by Picasa

Bird at Swaami's beach

Taken on Sunday 12/11/05 at Swaami's beach in Encinitas, CA. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Monday, November 14, 2005

Spiderweb of lines connects the sails

Note the red-shirted crewmember. Posted by Picasa

Royals sheeted home, she's under full sail!

A big moment for the crew. Under full sail she reached a speed of around 8 knots, not shabby for the light wind. Posted by Picasa

Up royals!

The Star is about to reach full sail, with the setting of the fore and main royals. Posted by Picasa

Before setting the royals

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Oldest operational sailing vessel - the Star of India

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Bow of the Star of India, with the Californian in the distance

That's the Californian off in the fog, the State Ship of California. says:
"The Californian is a re-creation of the C.W. Lawrence, a Revenue Service cutter built in Washington D.C. in 1848. In 1849, the C.W. Lawrence under the command of Captain Alexander Fraser was sent to California to secure revenue, relieve distressed merchant vessels and to make scientific investigations of the harbors." Posted by Picasa

End of turn, part 5 of 5

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Turning, part 4 of 5

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