Friday, March 25, 2005

There was a show about Chocolate at the Natural History Museum in Balboa Park, San Diego. I liked the sign a lot - it gleamed.
Another water lily from the Balboa Park reflecting pool
From the Balboa park reflecting pool, last monday 3/21/05, the spring equinox.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

I had to find a face in there somewhere.
A curoius rock on the way down. The rocks on the left look like a set of knuckles. Or...
Mt Woodson seen from just below peak of Iron Mountain
There were a lot of butterflies flitting around the peak, chasing each other. Curious. As my daughter will recall, we've seen this before on Garnet peak. I wonder if they naturally work their way uphill, and thus all converge at the peak? I made a fool of myself trying to get a picture of the restless bugs, always just missing a great shot as one would flitter away, until I finally got lucky.
View of the peak of Mt. Woodson to the north, with all of its microwave relay towers and various antennas, floating in the clouds.
There's a nice donated telescope on top.
A crow flying by. Our car is in the background, under all that haze.
Here's Tro on top of Iron Mountain, looking southeast toward San Vincente resovoir.
Looking north towards nearby Mount Woodson, we see the clouds coming in.
Moss and ferns growing on a bank along the trail
This is Miner's Lettuce - it was growing along a stream that crossed the trail. Somewhere nearby is an old iron mine, but we didn't find it.
The sun was shining thru this flower, making it glow.
Lots of flowers to follow...
This weekend I hiked up Iron Mountain, which is east of Poway, CA, with my friend Tro Murphey. This is near the start of the trail, with the peak of Iron Mtn in the background, elevation 2696 feet. With the unusually wet winter we've been having, there's much more growth than usual, and lots of flowers!