Tuesday, September 27, 2005

East tower of the Oakland Bay Bridge, with the next tower misty in the background. Taken in August.
The Bay Bridge in Black and White, back in August.
Another Berkeley B&B flower.
From August - an elderly bloom from the back yard of our B&B in Berkeley.
Dead tree leans dangerously over the brackish water, dreaming of hurricane winds and a glorious finish.
Wildflowers at San Elijo Bird Reserve - ahh, that great late afternoon light...
Backlit flowers,they look like some kind of poppy...
The mystery of the enormous pelican revealed.
As I took this, I was saying "Is it just me, or is that an enormous pelican?"
Cactus Apples! On a prickly pear cactus
Mali the pup with Jane at the San Elijo Bird Reserve
The gentle murk of San Elijo Lagoon